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City government
Schelto Patijn
Schelto Patijn

  Schelto Patijn
Address Amstel 1
Place 1011 PN Amsterdam
Room 1201
Telephone 020-552 20 00
Fax 020-552 3100
E-mailadres http://www.amsterdam.nl/e_citygovernment/council/pvda/<a%20href="mailto:S.Patijn@amsterdam.nl">
Year of birth 1936
Place of birth The Hague
Profession Mayor
Other positions Among others, Chairman of the regional consultative body for Amsterdam; Corps director of the Amsterdam/Amstelland region police; member of the daily and general management of the regional fire brigade
Portfolio General government and legal affairs, police, communications, fire brigade, international contacts, 4+5 May committee. For the city centre: General affairs
Committees General affairs
VNG committees
(VNG = Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten - association of Dutch municipalities)
Security committee; Governmental and legal affairs committee; International matters committee
Best thing about Amsterdam The people of Amsterdam. Many people were born and bred here, but most, like myself, originally come from other parts of the country or from abroad. This diversity goes hand in hand with a clearly recognisable 'Amsterdam' mentality which is very open and direct.

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